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But I'm gonna bet they never really feel at home

If they spent a lifetime learning how to live in Rome.

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Name:John-117 (The Master Chief)
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Name: Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-117 (John-117)
[community profile] thelegion Code Name: The Master Chief
[community profile] thelegion Powers: Power armor, enhanced physique (as canon)
What: A 7-foot-tall super soldier with advanced power armor from the 2550's
The Deal: 42 years old, and has spent most of it fighting a bloody losing battle with an alien empire. Somewhat socially stunted due to to the unethical practices of the project that trained him from childhood. Responsible, determined, and loyal to the bitter end.

The Chief is a fairly quiet guy, his sense of humor is very deadpan, and he doesn't much like opening up to people. He's used to being a weapon first and a person second, and is only slowly coming around to doing otherwise.

His life has been getting weirder and weirder in the last few months, and he's been getting correspondingly doner and doner with it. Go easy on him, his best friend just died.

Tl;dr: A pretty cool guy. Fights aliens. Doesn't afraid of anything.

Fanart in icons is by jameson9101322
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